The Hon Dalton Tagelagi


The Hon Dalton Tagelagi was elected premier by the Niue Legislative Assembly on 11 June 2020.

Hon. Tagelagi was re-elected for his fifth term in 2020 by his constituent and elected by the Niue Assembly as the 6th Premier of Niue.
He is the Chairman of Cabinet and Minister for Central Agencies and Commercial Agencies.

He is the son of the late Hon. Sam Pata Emani Tagelagi who served as Speaker of the Niue Legislative Assembly from 1972 to 1996.

Hon. Tagelagi was educated locally and attended Halamahaga Primary School and Niue High School.
He is a sports enthusiast and an active participant in all sporting activities. He represented Niue at the Commonwealth Games, Arafura Games, Mini Games, Pacific Games, managed representative sports teams and became a medalist in the Lawn Bowls Triple at the Samoa Pacific Games 2019.