Political Leadership and Regionalism

Strong and enduring leadership and political will to address the increasingly complex geopolitical environment and respond to emerging issues

Our ambition is for a region where all Pacific peoples benefit from our Forum Leaders working together to safeguard, secure, and progress the Blue Pacific Continent. 

Where we achieve regional priorities through a united and cohesive political leadership supported by the Pacific Islands Forum and a responsive regional architecture that aligns to the region’s priorities and values. A region where our Partners recognise and respect our collective approach as the Blue Pacific Continent.

Working as One Blue Pacific

Working as One Blue Pacific

The 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent is our opportunity to engage with and shape the most significant dynamics and influences on our region, in order to secure our long-term wellbeing and prosperity.

The 2050 Strategy Implementation Plan 2023-2030 sets out the concrete goals, 2030 outcomes and regional actions that we will carry out to achieve our Vision. 

Successful implementation of the 2050 Strategy Implementation Plan requires a whole-of-region approach, underpinned by the values and strategic pathways set out in the 2050 Strategy. The Forum Secretariat is leading on this implementation, in partnership with our Members, the Council of Regional Organisations of the Pacific (CROP) and regional agencies, development partners and key stakeholders. 

Engagement with partners to support implementation will be built on the existing regional architecture and engagement coordination mechanisms, and development partners will have the opportunity to contribute and support.

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Review of Regional Architecture

Review of Regional Architecture

To deliver on the 2050 Strategy, Pacific Leaders agree a review of the regional architecture is required. This is an opportunity to consider the existing regional system and ensure appropriate institutional structures, governance mechanisms and ways to engage, build and sustain partnerships.

Consistent with the Leaders decision of 2022, the Review of the Regional Architecture was mandated to consider:

  • Political Setting: to review political groupings, leadership, collective interests and decision-making and sustained political will;
  • Institutional Processes, Systems and Mechanisms: to review processes, systems and mechanisms supporting collective decisions, actions and advocacy;
  • Governance Mechanisms: to review mechanisms in place to effect cooperation and coordination between the various regional entities, and their engagement with the Pacific Islands Forum; and
  • Engagements and Partnerships: to consider how the Forum interacts with international partners and stakeholders to progress regionalism.