Pacific Trade in Services Initiative

In the vast Blue Pacific Continent, services emerge as the undiscovered treasure, driving income, empowering women, fostering employment, propelling micro, small and medium enterprises, and accelerating trade.

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    In 2023, the Pacific Trade in Services (TiS) Initiative was endorsed by Forum Trade Ministers.

    The Pacific TiS Initiative sits under the ‘Services’ thematic area of the Pacific Aid for Trade Strategy 2020-2025 (PAfTS), and the ‘Resources and Economic Development’ thematic area of the 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent.

    The Secretariat coordinates the implementation of the Pacific TiS Initiative.

    The Pacific TiS Initiative follows a four-step approach: 

    1. development of Rapid TiS Assessments (RTiSA) in Pacific Island Countries; 
    2. consolidation of the RTiSA findings into a Regional TiS Assessment; 
    3. development and implementation of a Pacific Regional TiS Strategy and Implementation Roadmap that outlines the priority regional actions; and 
    4. development of harmonised National TiS Strategies.

    The Forum Secretariat developed the methodology for  the Pacific TiS Initiative. Vanuatu was selected as the pilot for the first RTiSA.