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Pacific Trade Invest works to improve the livelihoods of Pacific people by enabling decent work and economic growth in the Blue Pacific.

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    As the Pacific's leading trade and investment agency we develop and promote businesses from the Pacific region through trade, investment and tourism facilitation.

    We support our clients in a range of ways, including access to general resources and upskilling opportunities to Pacific businesses looking to become export and investment capable, while working intensively with those trading or ready to trade in international markets.

    PTI Offices

    Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) has offices in Australia, China, Europe, and New Zealand, and an office undertaking similar services in Japan.

    As the trade and investment promotion network of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS), PTI is tasked by Pacific Islands Forum Leaders to facilitate trade, investment and tourism deals between the economies of the Pacific Island Countries and Territories and the rest of the world. 

    PTI contributes to business growth in the Blue Pacific by facilitating commercial opportunities for export-ready and investment-ready businesses across the region. This is achieved through building business capacity, and connecting businesses with importers and investors in global markets.

    Our offices are funded through the support of our host Governments, the Government of Australia, the Government of New Zealand, and the Government of the People’s Republic of China.

    PTI Australia has proudly served the Pacific region for over 40 years.

    PTI Australia has a legacy in and focus on creating sustainable opportunities for Pacific export and investment ready businesses through strong connections with the Australian market.
    Responding to the transforming trade and investment landscape, digital innovation, capacity building and upskilling is a cornerstone PTI Australia's work.
    PTI Australia continues to innovate the services we provide and is committed to being a digital leader and enabler for the Blue Pacific.

    Visit our website: PTI Australia

    PTI China focuses on supporting Pacific businesses grow their market presence in the Chinese market while helping diversify their products to meet market opportunities in China.

    PTI China works closely with key stakeholders in both the Pacific Islands and China to promote exchanges and cooperation in order to deliver on the mandate of the Pacific leaders in promoting trade and investment opportunities for the Blue Pacific.

    PTI China is also committed to promoting the sustainable development of the Pacific region while expanding the visibility of Pacific Island cultures in China and raising the awareness of environment protection, while supporting pacific enterprises recover and develop in the post-epidemic period.

    Visit our website: PTI China

    PTI Europe is proud to facilitate Pacific trade and investment within the European market.

    PTI Europe facilitates sustainable trade and investment opportunities for export ready business across the Blue Pacific, within the European market.
    PTI Europe has a particular focus on identifying the current trade trends, marketing standards, and best practices to create and maintain strong relationships with European buyers, distributors and investors.

    Visit our website: PTI Europe

    PTI New Zealand facilitates trade and investment between the economies of the Blue Pacific and Aotearoa.

    As a trade and investment promotion organisation, our primary role is to facilitate small and medium-sized enterprises to succeed in international markets through the delivery of integrated programmes that provide trade and market intelligence, create connections to international markets, promote inclusive trade and strengthen investment support.

    By maintaining strong relationships with the public and private sectors, we have the capabilities and network to support and connect all parties with any opportunities at every stage of the transaction.

    Visit our website: PTI New Zealand

    The Project Management Unit (PMU) is at the forefront of enhanced harmonisation within the PTI Network.

    PMU plays a crucial role in ensuring operational efficiency with a focus on the PTI offices globally to foster sustainability and growth across the network.

    Collaborating closely with the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) and the PTI Independent Advisory Board, the PMU contributes to the steering of the network in line with its strategic direction.

    Through adept coordination of shared operations, strategic leadership, and a commitment to performance enhancement and comprehensive evaluation, the PMU strives to establish an efficient and impactful PTI entity.

    PMU also coordinates with key stakeholders, including government ministers and officials, to ensure effective collaboration across the PTI framework.

    The Pacific Islands Centre (PIC), established for over two decades in Japan, functions akin to PTI by offering analogous services within the Japanese market. With a primary objective to promote trade, investment, and tourism ties between the Forum Island Countries (FICs) and Japan, PIC engages in various activities including seminars, business missions, publications, and trade events. Through these endeavors, PIC fosters mutually beneficial relationships and facilitates economic exchanges between the Forum Island Countries and Japan.

    The Pacific Islands Centre (PIC) is hosted and funded by the Japanese government in Tokyo.

    Outcomes Areas

    PTI, as the Secretariat's implementing agency, contributes to the PIF vision of “a resilient region of peace, harmony, security, social inclusion, and prosperity, so that all Pacific people can lead free, healthy and productive lives.” PTI’s operating framework is also designed to align with and contribute to the United Nations SDG8 'decent work and economic growth'.



    Over the span of 40 years, PTI has consistently accomplished significant milestones for the Pacific Region and remains at the forefront of excellence in trade, investment, and tourism.

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