Pacific KAVA Development Initiative

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    “Kava holds a cultural significance to our Pacific way of life and heritage, as well contributing to our formal and informal sector. In Fiji for example, the Fiji Bureau of Statistics reports kava exports in 2021 were around FJD$34million, whilst in Vanuatu this was around FJD$40million.”

    -  Zarak Khan, Director Programmes and Initiatives, Secretariat.

    In 2021, the Pacific KAVA Development Initiative was initiated. In 2023, the Pacific Regional KAVA Development Strategy was endorsed in principle by Forum Trade Ministers. The Pacific KAVA Development Initiative sits under the ‘Deepening Forum Markets’ thematic area of the Pacific Aid for Trade Strategy 2020-2025, and the ‘Resources and Economic Development’ of the 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent Implementation Plan.