Civil Society

We acknowledge the need to listen to and respond to the voices and aspirations of all Pacific peoples” 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent

Non-State Actors (NSAs) and civil society organisations (CSO) are integral to realising the vision of the 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent. The distinct contribution of NSAs and the local knowledge CSOs, their expertise in development and the work they do with grassroots communities is critical and rooted in the Pacific Way. NSAs and CSOs connect people to policies; provide independent monitoring and evaluation; and advocacy, this complements our Pacific Islands Forum countries and territories and development partners in delivering on the Leaders 2050 mandate.


The Forum Secretariat is committed to building stronger partnerships and relationships with NSAs. The Forum Secretariat focuses on:

  • Policy Engagement – facilitating the constructive engagement of NSAs in regional policy development and implementation.
  • High Level Political Engagement- facilitating high level political dialogues with NSAs and CSOs.
  • Capacity building – supporting non state actors and civil society groups to better inform regional policy with evidence-based approaches.
  • Partnership – working with and facilitate consultations with NSAs and CSOs in the implementation of the 2050 Strategy.


The NSA Engagement Strategy outlines the shared principles and values around PIFS- NSA collaboration and engagement. The strategy is an extension of the broader framework of the Regional Architecture. It will encourage effective and productive working relationships between the Forum Secretariat and NSAs. Read the Strategy Summary here or view the full Strategy here.