Remarks by Cristelle Pratt, Acting Secretary General, Pacific Islands at the Trade Policy Mainstreaming Attachment Official Opening

Opening Remarks at Trade Mainstreaming Attachment


Cristelle Pratt

Acting Secretary General, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat

PIFS HQ, 23 October 2017 

- Officials from our member Governments of Kiribati, Vanuatu, and Nauru
- Colleagues of the Forum Secretariat
- Ladies and Gentlemen

Good Morning and to officials from Kiribati, Vanuatu and Nauru – welcome to your Secretariat. You will here with us at the Secretariat for a week of training on trade policy mainstreaming. I understand that we were also to have welcomed an official from the Marshall Islands but unfortunately this did not transpire for various reasons.

2.Since 2011, the Forum Secretariat has been supporting Pacific ACP States to formulate Trade Policy Frameworks (TPFs), so as to empower their integration into regional and global trading economies.

3. In June 2017, Niue joined other PACPS to endorse their first trade policy framework. By the end of 2017, we expect 12 of the 15 PACP States to have their Trade Policy Frameworks in place.

4. The next step for those PACPS with TPFs is to ensure effective implementation at the national level.

5. The initiative for this week-long attachment is a result of an outcome from the Forum Trade Ministers’ Meeting, held in 2015 in Rarotonga, which recognized the importance of Trade Policy Frameworks and recommended that implementation of these be mainstreamed through member countries National Development Plans and, or Strategies.

6. As response, the Forum Secretariat in partnership with relevant development partners has developed an adaptive guide to assist PACPS mainstream trade into National Development Plans and or Strategies. The adaptive guide will be considered by PACP Officials, and by Development Partners at a Regional workshop which is scheduled for next week.

7. Officials attending the attachment this week will have an opportunity to reflect on the guide that has been developed, and to ensure that it is consistent with their national experiences.  We are also hopeful that this week’s attachment will mean more active contributions from each of you during next week’s regional workshop.

8. Over the 7 years of developing TPFs with PACPS experiences have revealed that effective implementation of these frameworks requires multi-disciplinary skills and whole of stakeholder groups’ collaboration.

9. Therefore the Trade Policy Mainstreaming initiative - this week - has been planned in such a way that it seeks to inculcate skills of how to manage the complex mainstreaming processes through embracing cross-cutting and holistic approaches and practices.  PIFS also supports mainstreaming in a range of other areas, including building resilience to climate change and disaster risk, and gender and social inclusion.

10. I trust that you will enjoy your time at the Secretariat and with CROP agencies colleagues from PIFS, PIPSO and SPC who will be contributing to various elements of your attachment so that by the time you leave you would have a stronger appreciation, awareness and understanding of trade mainstreaming from a broader perspective.

11. I would like to take this opportunity to thank sector specialists and experts from PIFS, PIPSO and SPC who will be delivering various parts of programme over the course of the week. Such multi-agency collaboration and partnership reflects our commitment to capacity building support, and the transfer and sharing of skills and expertise; as well as demonstrating the need for holistic, multi-disciplinary and multi-sector approaches to embracing the opportunities of mainstreaming.  All the very best for the week which I trust will be an invaluable and fruitful experience.

Thank you. 

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