Subcommittee on new Framework for Pacific Regionalism to determine Forum Leaders agenda

Pacific Islands News Association:

Tuesday, 14th April 2015

A new subcommittee on the new Framework for Pacific Regionalism is calling for proposals from Pacific Islanders that will be put forward as the Leaders agenda in the upcoming September summit in Port Moresby.

The new subcommittee made up of eight experts includes a mix of civil society, business and public sector specialist from the Pacific, will take proposals on issues affecting peoples of the Pacific.

Forum Secretary General, Dame Meg Taylor says the subcommittee will make it easier for Pacific Leaders to make informed decisions on the most pressing priorities for developing the region.

Dame Taylor told Journalists in Suva she is optimistic the new framework on regional architecture will work.

“I’m clear of the fact that I’m not a leader of the Pacific, I’m the Secretary General of the secretariat that serve the people of the Pacific, this is the mandate that we’ve been given as the secretariat and my role is to make sure that it happens,” Dame Taylor said.

The committee met in Suva for the first time this week since their appointment to define their role and to look at ways to successfully implement the Framework.

The committee will begin receiving proposals and submissions from 27 of April before they meet again in July to review the proposals of which only five will be selected and put forward to the Pacific Leaders to consider at the Leaders Meeting in PNG.

“Our role specifically is to ensure the effectiveness, going forward on issues that come to us that are move forward by the help of the secretariat to assist leaders understand their role more clearly in the way development first in the Pacific. We want to see going forward the work needs to be done for our leaders,” said subcommittee member from the Cook Islands, Manarangi- Trott.

The framework for Pacific regionalism aims to strengthen efforts at regional cooperation and integration aimed at better addressing development challenges faced by Pacific Island countries and position Pacific Island Leaders to make game changing decisions about the agenda and priorities for the region.

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