Forum invites submissions

The Fiji Times:

Monday, 25 May 2015

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat wants Pacific Islanders to submit initiatives that address issues of real substance and import.

In its bid to implement the framework for Pacific regionalism, the secretariat has asked Pacific

Islanders to submit issues "that prompt action on public policy, public expenditure, legal and/or regulatory reform, collective diplomatic effort, regional advocacy and lobbying, and/or the financing of regionalism".

"The framework for Pacific regionalism establishes an inclusive process for determining the priorities for the region and this process allows any individual, organisation or group from any state or territory in the Pacific to put forward a regional initiative for Pacific Island Forum Leaders to consider at their annual forum," the secretariat said.

"Regional initiatives should also be consistent with the core values of the framework, which underpin our policy making and implementation.

"All values are of equal weighting and it is essential that initiatives demonstrate a defence and promotion of human rights, gender equality, and commitment to just societies, full inclusivity, equity and equality for all people of the Pacific."

The secretariat said "groups or consortia of individuals or organisations are also welcome to make submissions via this process. This includes those in government, civil society (including faith-based organisations), the private sector, community groups, CROP agencies, and UN agencies."

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