Europes Agreement With Pacific To Feature At Joint Meet

Fiji Sun:

Saturday, 13 June 2015

The European Union will be asked to fast-track their actions on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Pacific island states during the Joint African Caribbean EU Parliamentary Assembly in Suva next week.

This was highlighted by the chair of the ACP Parliamentary Assembly, Fitz Jackson of Jamaica yesterday.

He said the proposed deferment of talks by the European Union on the EPA was unacceptable.

“It is in the interest of European countries to facilitate greater value adding production in ACP countries so that we can optimise our earnings and accelerate each member state of the ACP countries but the truth be told is that there’s a difficulty in appreciating that and there’s a kind of defensive mechanism, defensive disposition to preserve the old order, what the SG speaks of is an effort to overcome that by looking at it in a more long-term basis,” Mr Jackson said.

The EPA provides for free access into the EU for all products for the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) countries.

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