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The Fiji Times:

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

TRADE shows are being held for different categories of products, from cosmetics, wine to new technology every week around the world.

Why should Pacific island exporters participate in a trade shows? One reason is that trade exhibitions are a very cost effective sales and marketing platform.

With their tightly focused profiles and carefully targeted audiences they represent an ideal opportunity to match the needs of buyers and sellers.

They provide a highly flexible environment in which a range of sales and marketing objectives can be achieved.

From generating sales leads and launching new products to building brand image, enhancing relationships with existing and new buyers to a forum where new distributors can be appointed.

The Pacific Islands Trade & Invest Sydney office provides an opportunity for 11 Pacific island exporters to attend Fine Food Australia each year. This is Australia's largest trade show targeting retail and food service sectors. It attracts more than 20,000 buyers each year of which about 1000 are international buyers from more than 48 different countries.

Trade shows provide a neutral environment for both buyers and sellers. Trade show visitors are pro-active and interested in learning about your products. They make a conscious decision to attend and want to maximise their time to seek out new products.

For the exhibitor, it is an environment where a soft sell can take place. Exhibitors can receive instant feedback on their products, provide information to potential buyers, ask buyers probing questions and seek information on the local market that they are trying to enter. They are able to measure their offer against their competitors from around the world that are attending the same show.

By meeting face-to-face with buyers rather than cold calling over a telephone, it is a more effective way of selling and building customer relationships. You can achieve more in four days at a trade show than months of following up potential customers via email or telephone from your home base.

You will be selling to customers that are already interested in your market. Successful participation at a trade show will generate numerous leads following the show that you will need to follow up on if no deal was concluded at the show.

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