Palau Seeks Direct Air Links To PNG For Pacific Islands Forum Guests

Oceania TV News:

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Republic of Palau is currently undergoing negotiations with Papua New Guinea to allow for a shorter travel distance and time for guests attending the 45th Pacific Islands Forum hosted by this north Pacific island nation later this year.

Olkeriil Kazuo, Deputy Press Secretary for the President’s Office confirmed to OTV that the Air Services Agreement is still pending negotiations at this time and nothing has been confirmed or signed yet.

If this agreement comes into fruition, it would allow delegates and guests traveling from the South to the North to fly directly to Palau from Port Moresby, PNG.

This route eliminates the long travel time to Palau by transiting through Guam, Japan or Hawaii. Since the Guam-Fiji route was eliminated no other route has been introduced to reduce to long flight connection between the north and south Pacific.

Kazuo confirmed that no airline has been designated to provide this vital air link officially.

The proposed agreement with PNG has been sent back for minor detail adjustments. The government of Palau is hopeful that it would be signed very soon.

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