Australia supporting Pacific private sector development through research

Australian Government - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Australia is collaborating with the Pacific Islands Trade and Invest within the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat to conduct the first ever Pacific Export Survey.

The Pacific Export Survey will provide a greater understanding of the diversity of industry in our region, as well as opportunities and challenges - particularly with regard to international trade.

The survey will examine the future outlook and highlight changes in overseas demand. Over 150 responses have been received today, this great level of engagement is indicative of the interest in sharing views from the business sector.

'We know that exporters face a range of challenges in the Pacific but much of this feedback is anecdotal. It is intended that the Pacific Export Survey will shed more light on these challenges from the perspective of exporters themselves,' says Sydney-based Trade Commissioner for Pacific Islands Trade and Invest, Caleb Jarvis.

All Pacific Islands based businesses that are involved in exporting goods or services are strongly encouraged to participate and voice their opinions. The survey can be accessed online, at

All opinions expressed in the survey will be released in a confidential manner.

Australia invests $462 million per year to support economic growth in the Pacific. Of this, $44 million is spent on regionally implemented programs. The remainder is spent at the country level.

Private sector development initiatives are generally concentrated on creating a business enabling environment that encourages growth and investment. Other programs build the capacity of entrepreneurs and improve dialogue between governments and the private sector.

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